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    Vinyl Revinyl is all about bringing the sound of records, vinyl, and LPs to the masses.

    If you haven’t heard the sounds of vinyl yet, you are missing out. Records have a more rich, warm sound. Voices, bass, symbals, horns, guitar, piano…you name it: it all sounds better on vinyl. While CDs and digital file formats sound satisfactory, they don’t sound as good as a record, unless the record is in poor condition.

    In addition, Vinyl can be much cheaper than buying an album online or at a music store. I have purchased LPs in good condition for as little as $1. Not too bad of a price for great sound.

    So, where do all of these items come from that I list for sale on Vinyl Revinyl?
    I have two sources for the products that are sold through Vinyl Revinyl: eBay and Amazon. I am a big believer in eBay, and have been ever since I started using the system in 1998. Not only does eBay have a massive selection of just about everything, the prices are very hard to match. Many people perceive eBay as a place where junk and used items are sold, and while this is definitely true, there are plenty of merchants selling brand new items, and usually at amazingly low prices. On top of that, the eBay platform is very robust, secure and safe. As for Amazon, I also believe it is one of the best places to shop online because there is a wide variety of goods available for very good prices. Amazon also allows individual merchants to sell their products, which expands the selection even further. Vinyl Revinyl is proud of the selection of vinyl records, turntables and accessories available here, and we believe you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for and more.

    Enjoy the site, and enjoy the sound of music on vinyl!


    (The owner guy)

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