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    SOTA turntables has been manufacturing, as well as providing parts, upgrades and numerous accessories for over 10 years. Founded by Kirk and Donna Bodinet, SOTA has been at the forefront of the delivery of pristinely engineered turntables for the vinyl enthusiast of every musical stripe. From the top of the line Millennia and Cosmos to the more budget conscious Moonbeam and Comet, all of SOTA’s turntables are handsomely packaged and composed of finely engineered components to make your listening experience truly second to none. All turntables are belt driven and feature rotation speeds of 33 1/3 and 45RPM, with varying dimensions and specifics depending on product preference. SOTA prides itself on its extensive ability to customize and modify its product line to satisfy even the most exacting customer. Purchase a turntable from SOTA, and experience an all new kind of audio excursion.
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