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    Nicknamed “O Mito” or “The Legend,” Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist João Gilberto made bossa nova what it is. He wrote the first bossa nova song, “Bim-Bom” and ignited the bossa nova craze in the late ’50s. This new musical style, which de-emphasized the percussive elements of samba in favor of melody, was soon embraced by North American jazz musicians and Gilberto recorded an album with American saxophonist Stan Getz titled Getz/Gilberto (1964). Their cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “The Girl from Ipanema,” featuring vocals from Gilberto’s then-wife Astrud, became an international sensation. Gilberto’s influence remains strong today and his uniquely percussive/harmonic unaccompanied guitar and whispering vibrato-less vocals are captivating as ever on vinyl.
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