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    Symphony No. 7 in A major (Op. 92) was started in 1811 by Ludwig van Beethoven, during his stay at the town of Teplice. The work was completed in 1812, and premiered the following year as a dedication to Count Moritz von Fries. The premier, which was held in aid of soldiers injured in the Battle of Hanau, was conducted by Beethoven himself and featured an orchestra of some of the finest musicians of the day, led by Beethoven’s friend Ignaz Schuppanzigh. The symphony was received positively and the second movement in particular was an instant favorite with the audience.

    Symphony No. 7 Movements:

    I. Poco sostenuto – Vivace
    II. Allegretto
    III. Presto: Assai meno presto (trio)
    IV. Allegro con brio

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