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    Cat Stevens’ third album, Mona Bone Jakon, was released in 1970, three years after his last album, New Masters. During this interim, Stevens contracted a life-threatening case of tuberculosis that forced him to retreat from his pop star life. After a year of ordered bed rest, Stevens returned to the music world a changed man. Disillusioned by the music industry, he addresses the triviality of being a pop star on “Pop Star,” and opts for a plaintive, acoustic folk sound with spare instrumental backing. Comprised of songs written during his convalescence, Mona Bone Jakon is a reflective album that deals with death and spiritual yearning – as well as Stevens’ former girlfriend Patti D’Arbanville. Fans of the 1971 existentialist dark comedy Harold and Maude will recognize “Trouble,” “I Wish, I Wish,” and “I Think I See the Light” from the film’s soundtrack. Fun Fact: The original title for the album was “The Dustbin Cried the Day the Dustman Died,” which explains the album’s cover art. Also, “Katmandu” features Peter Gabriel on flute.

    Mona Bone Jakon Catalog Number: A&M Records SP-4260

    Mona Bone Jakon Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Lady D’Arbanville – 3:40

    2. Maybe You’re Right – 3:20

    3. Pop Star – 4:10

    4. I Think I See the Light – 4:00

    5. Trouble – 2:50

    Side Two

    1. Mona Bone Jakon – 1:38

    2. I Wish, I Wish – 3:45

    3. Katmandu – 3:17

    4. Time – 1:26

    5. Fill My Eyes – 2:58

    6. Lilywhite – 3:40

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