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    Surpassing the success of Tea for the Tillerman, its 1971 follow-up Teaser and the Firecat is considered one of Cat Stevens’ most accessible records. It includes the fanciful “Moonshadow,” the anti-war “Peace Train,” and Stevens’ adaptation of the Christian hymn “Morning Has Broken” featuring piano by Yes’ Rick Wakeman. “The Wind” opens the album elegantly, cutting to the core of Stevens’ philosophical quest with the line: “I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul.” While maintaining a pop appeal in its simple melodies, the rest of Teaser and the Firecat is a mix of sensitive ballads and more up-tempo folk rockers, with Stevens nodding to his Greek roots on “Rubylove.” While he calls for social change on “Changes IV” and the calypso-inflected “Tuesday’s Dead,” there is also a nursery rhyme quality to a few of the songs. In fact, Stevens wrote and illustrated a children’s book by the same name featuring the two characters onĀ Teaser and the Firecat’s cover.

    Teaser and the Firecat Catalog Number: A&M SP 4313

    Teaser and the Firecat Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. The Wind – 1:40

    2. Rubylove – 2:35

    3. If I Laugh – 3:20

    4. Changes IV – 3:27

    5. How Can I Tell You – 4:25

    Side Two

    1. Tuesday’s Dead – 3:34

    2. Morning Has Broken – 3:15

    3. Bitterblue – 3:07

    4. Moonshadow – 2:37

    5. Peace Train – 4:10

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