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    Harry Chapin

    Harry Chapin

    As an American singer, Harry Chapin was one of the best of his time, but as a humanitarian he literally changed the world. With successful albums such as “Heads or Tails” Harry Chapin was controversial, socially powerful, and just an all around unique artist with a heart of gold. While he fought to end world hunger he managed to come out with a string of albums that changed the way people thought of music in the 60’s and 70’s, such as “Cats in the Cradle” which was probably his biggest hit to date. After his death he received one award that most likely would have made him happier than any song previously recorded by him, and that was the Congressional Gold Medal for his campaigning of social issues. Today, Harry Chapin’s words still resonate loudly in the hearts of many, especially when you hear him on vinyl.

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