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    John Fahey redefined what an acoustic guitar could do. He applied the fingerpicking techniques of traditional folk and blues steel-string guitar to a diverse array of musical styles ranging from classical to experimental to Indian raga, foreshadowing everything from psychedelia to new age music. His stylistic juxtapositions, melodic inventiveness, odd guitar tunings, lovably bizarre song titles, and dry sense of humor made him a cult classic, and his influence stretched to ’90s alternative bands like Sonic Youth as well as avant-garde musicians like Jim O’Rourke. So whether you’re listening to one of his Christmas albums, the dozens of cult classics he released from the ’60s through the ’80s, or one of the obscure early-blues albums he unearthed in the ’90s on his Revenant Records label, this innovate eccentric is nothing short of awe-inspiring on vinyl.

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