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    Raw, introspective, and deeply personal, Joni Mitchell’s Blue is widely considered her masterpiece. Written mostly during a European trip following her break-up with Graham Nash, songs mourn not only lost love but the lost promise of the 1960s. In its expert use of nuance, Blue showcases confessional songwriting at its best, and Mitchell holds nothing back emotionally as she addresses the feelings surrounding the child she gave up for adoption on “Little Green.” Glimmers of light do surface on the upbeat “Carey,” and on album closer “The Last Time I Saw Richard,” Mitchell clings to the hope that “it’s only a phase, these dark cafe days.” Musically, Blue marks a shift to more rock-based rhythms and Mitchell’s increasing use of piano. She also incorporates the Appalachian dulcimer and pedal steel guitar into the album’s sonic palette, and James Taylor plays guitar on “California,” “All I Want,” and the much-loved “A Case of You.”

    Blue Catalog Number:  Reprise W 44128

    Blue Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. All I Want – 3:34

    2. My Old Man – 3:35

    3. Little Green – 3:28

    4. Carey – 3:14

    5. Blue – 2:57

    Side Two

    1. California – 3:50

    2. This Flight Tonight – 2:51

    3. River – 4:06

    4. A Case of You – 4:25

    5. The Last Time I Saw Richard – 4:16

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