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    Sara EvansSara Evans is a recognizable name in country music today. She has had numerous top 10 hits and several albums that span the last decade. Sara Evans is considered to be one of country music’s more traditional style singers and has gained a lot of notoriety for her beautiful voice. Her “Born to Fly” album is what really put her on the map and in 2001 she was the most nominated artist at the CMA awards. In 2004 Sara Evans became the most played female singer on country music radio. Her “Greatest Hits” collection was released towards the end of 2007 and really showcases her gorgeous voice and wonderful style. When you listen to it on vinyl you can hear how unbelievable she really is.

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    [phpbay]Sara Evans, 100, “307”, “”[/phpbay]

    [phpbay]Sara Evans, 100, “306”, “”[/phpbay]

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