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    This great Latin jazz musician was not only an influential vibraphonist, he was recognized by Carlos Santana as a forebearer of Latin rock. His career spanned four decades, beginning with the Dave Brubeck Trio in the ‘40s and concluding with his 1980 Grammy-winning album, La Onda Va Bien. In the ‘50s, Tjader recorded several albums for Fantasy Records, first as the leader of the Cal Tjader Modern Mambo Quintet and then with the Cal Tjader Quartet, a more straight-ahead jazz group with which he gained traction in the San Francisco bebop scene. But the ‘60s were Tjader’s most prolific period, during which he released numerous albums for Verve Records including 1964’s Soul Sauce. He also experimented with different influences, combining jazz and Asian music. With a discography as great as his influence, Cal Tjader is a joy to discover on vinyl.

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