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    The Herbie Hancock Trio consisted of the rhythm section from Miles Davis’ second great quintet: Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Tony Williams on drums. They had been touring as the V.S.O.P. Quintet with Freddie Hubbard (trumpet) and Wayne Shorter (sax), and stopped to record this horn-free session in San Francisco before a show in Berkeley. Strictly acoustic, the Trio’s eponymous album was not within the electronic zeitgeist of the late 1970s, so was only released in Japan. It features a mix of old and new songs, including a more aggressive reinterpretation of “Speak Like a Child” with an impressive solo from Hancock, and an invigorating run through Davis’ “Milestones.” Carter also has a noteworthy solo on the new song “Watcha Waitin’ For.” What’s most outstanding about this album is the amount of enthusiasm with which these three play. They would release one more album together in 1982.

    Herbie Hancock Trio 1977 Catalog Number:  Columbia 25AP 650

    Herbie Hancock Trio 1977 Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Watch It – 12:24

    2. Speak Like a Child – 13:04

    Side Two

    1. Watcha Waitin’ For – 6:19

    2. Look – 7:40

    3. Milestones – 6:38

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