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    Herbie Hancock’s sixth album, Speak Like a Child, is considered one of his finest for its sophistication and ephemeral beauty. It finds the jazz pianist working with a new team: Thad Jones (flugelhorn), Jerry Dodgion (alto flute), Peter Philips (bass trombone), Mickey Roker (drums), and returning compatriot Ron Carter (bass). Hancock had originally recorded “Riot” and “The Sorcerer” with Miles Davis, whose second great quintet he had been performing in along with Carter, but these compositions are given a new treatment here. The album’s unconventional horn section plays inventive Gil Evans-style voicings, and is mostly used for shading and texture as Hancock’s piano performs the majority of the solos. Carter’s up-tempo “First Trip” is the only trio track on the album, and the most energizing. Yet, the moving title track is the real shining accomplishment here with its simple and memorable melodies.

    Speak Like a Child Catalog Number: Blue Note BST 84279

    Speak Like a Child Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Riot – 4:37

    2. Speak Like a Child – 7:47

    3. First Trip – 5:59

    Side Two

    1. Toys – 5:50

    2. Goodbye to Childhood – 7:04

    3. The Sorcerer – 5:34

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