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    On Herbie Hancock’s 1974 release, Thrust, he refines the jazz-funk fusion of Head Hunters and dishes out a little more of everything. Replacing drummer Harvey Mason with Mike Clark, the quintet ventures into more complex rhythms and deeper grooves right off the bat with “Palm Grease.” Paul Jackson’s bass lines jump out of the speakers and earn comparisons to the great Jaco Pastorius. The album also showcases Bennie Maupin’s strikingly versatile woodwind solos, and Hancock unleashes an extraordinary Fender Rhodes demonstration over the fat funk grooves of “Actual Proof.” Hancock’s funky clavinet also ignites the fire on the album, and he gets percussive with his ARP synthesizer. However, it is “Butterfly,” a distinct change of pace, that really stands out. Featuring shimmering synths and Maupin’s soaring soprano sax, it is an ethereal, romantic ballad. In sharp contrast, closer “Spank-A-Lee” is pure, high-energy funk. A more cohesive album than its predecessor, Thrust is just as earthy and funky.

    Thrust Catalog Number:  Columbia PC 32965

    Thrust Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Palm Grease – 10:34

    2. Actual Proof – 9:41

    Side Two

    1. Butterfly – 11:18

    2. Spank-A-Lee – 7:11

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