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    John Coltrane was one of the greatest ballad players in jazz. His album ìBalladsî is a composition of eight striking songs. This album represents some of the sweetest sounds and tunes in jazz. Each and every tune is an exceptional musical moment. These songs are a great opportunity to hear the famous quartet featuring McCoy Tyner on the piano, Elvin Jones on the drums, Jimmy Garrison on the bass, and John Coltrane on the tenor saxophone. The quartetís musicianship is inimitable. The recording for this album started in December 1961 and was completed in November 1962. It was released in 1962 by Impulse records.

    Ballads Track Listing

    1.    Say It (Over And Over Again) (4:18)
    2.    You Donít Know What Love Is (5:15)
    3.    To Young To Go Steady (4:23)
    4.    All Or Nothing At All (3:38)
    5.    I Wish I Knew (4:54)
    6.    Whatís New (3:47)
    7.    Itís Easy To Remember (2:49)
    8.    Nancy (With The Laughing Face) (3:10)

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