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    Coltrane was the first album of a string of exceptional and legendary albums on Impulse records by the Coltrane quartet, along with the new bass player Jimmy Garrison. The music of this album has a dark, tremendous intensity. The track, “Out of This World” is a masterpiece which keeps on playing hypnotically for 14 minutes. “Miles’ Mode” shows the harder side of the tenor and it deepens with the tracks, “Soul Eyes” a fine ballad, “The Inch Worm” an unusual soprano, and exotic flavored “Tunji”. Coltrane is an interesting mix of melodies that show a fine form of the saxophonist’s classic quartet.

    Coltrane (1962) Track Listing

    1.    Out Of This world (14:05)
    2.    Soul Eyes (5:26)
    3.    The Inch Worm (6:18)
    4.    Tunji (6:35)
    5.    Miles’ Mode (7:34)
    6.    Big Nick (4:07)
    7.    Up ‘Gainst The Wall (3:13)

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