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    The album “Coltrane Plays the Blues” was recorded in October 1960. In the track, “Blues to Bechet”, Coltrane paid a tribute to Sidney Bechet. This album served as a refreshing reminder of the simplicity of the main element of jazz music: The blues, at that time when both Coltrane and Jazz were undergoing a period of tumultuous self-analysis. The all blues format emphasizes on Coltrane’s personal relationship with this form of music. “Mr. Syms” is a minor blues with outstanding Soprano work. The tunes in the second half of the album were considered the turning point for the direction of Coltrane’s music from that time on.

    Coltrane Plays the Blues Track Listing

    1. Blues to Elvin (7:52)
    2. Blues to Bechet (5:46)
    3. Blues to You (6:30)
    4. Mr. Day (7:55)
    5. Mr. Syms (5:22)
    6. Mr. Knight (7:39)
    7. Untitled original (5:25)
    8. Blues to Elvin [Alternate take 1] (11:02)
    9. Blues to Elvin [Alternate Take 2] (5:55 )
    10. Blues to Elvin [Alternate Take 3] (5:36)
    11. Blues to Elvin [Alternate Take 4] (5:30)

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