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    Giant Steps was recorded in 1959 by John Coltrane and is his second album release for Atlantic records. This was the first album where all songs recorded were original compositions of Coltrane. The album showcases Coltrane’s masterful improvisational style that is now known as “sheets of sound”. Giant Steps is often used as a practice piece because of its chord progression, and is seen by jazz musicians as the standard for modern jazz, also being used as a gauge of measuring a musician’s improvisational skill. Soon after the release of Giant Steps, Coltrane ventured into modal jazz, so this album is often viewed as his farewell to bebop.

    Giant Steps Track List
    1.    Giant Steps (4:43)
    2.    Cousin Mary (5:45)
    3.    Countdown (2:21)
    4.    Spiral (5:56)
    5.    Syeeda’s Song Flute (7:00)
    6.    Naima (4:21)
    7.    Mr. P.C. (Mr. Paul Chambers) (6:57)
    Alternative takes first released on Alternate Takes, 1974 (Atlantic)
    8.    Giant Steps (3:40)
    9.    Naima (4:27)
    10.    Cousin Mary (5:54)
    11.    Countdown (4:33)
    Additional alternative takes first released on John Coltrane: The Heavyweight Champion, The Complete Atlantic Recordings, August 1995 (Rhino)
    13.    Giant Steps (3:32)
    14.    Naima (3:37)
    15.    Giant Steps (5:00)

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