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    Kulu Se Mama is a studio album by jazz musician John Coltrane. It was released in 1965 for the label Verve. 1965 was a year when Coltrane was experimenting in various directions, frequently complementing his regular quartet with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones. The title track is notable for the strong African influence brought to it by composer Juno Lewis. It is one of Coltrane’s most elaborate themes, a long and winding melody that is layered and gradually dilated into a sort of frantic calm. The title track is complemented by some great quartet pieces recorded a few months before and after the recording of Kulu Se Mama.

    Kulu Se Mama Track Listing

    1. Kulu Se Mama (Juno Se Mama) – 18:50
    2. Vigil – 9:52
    3. Welcome – 5:24

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