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    The Major Works of John Coltrane is an album by the legendary jazz musician John Coltrane. The album was released in 1965. Contrary to what the title suggests, the album can not be considered a greatest hits compilation. It only includes tracks from a few recording sessions in 1965. It features both versions of the classic hit “Ascension” and the cacophonous “Om”. The album also contains the track “Kulu Se Mama”, composed by Juno Lewis. Lewis’ African style vocals and chanting make up the experimental portion of the album. “Selflessness”, the final number on the album is another fan favorite that features the same band (except Lewis).

    The Major Works of John Coltrane Track listing

    1. “Ascension – Edition I” – 38:37
    2. “Om” – 28:49
    3. “Ascension – Edition II” – 40:31
    4. “Kulu Se Mama” – 18:57
    5. “Selflessness” – 15:09

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