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    Sun Ship is an album recorded by jazz musician John Coltrane. The album, which was released in 1965, and re-released six years later, extended the free jazz ideas of Transition. The title of the album is thought to have been inspired by Sun Ra’s concept of free jazz as an expression of human existence. Tracks like “Attaining” and “Dearly Beloved” explored a new style of ballad, which was a departure from the serene, relaxing feel of traditional jazz ballads. Coltrane’s extensive use of multi phonics and altissimo in this record is reminiscent of the style of Pharaoh Sanders or Albert Ayler. Sun Ship marks the last of John Coltrane’s albums before he moved on to experiment with larger bands.

    Sun Ship Track listing:

    1. “Sun Ship” – 6:12
    2. “Dearly Beloved” – 6:27
    3. “Amen” – 8:16
    4. “Attaining” – 11:26
    5. “Ascent” – 10:10

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