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    Mahavishnu Orchestra

    Mahavishnu Orchestra

    The Mahavishnu Orchestra was founded in 1971 by John McLaughlin, who had earlier played with Miles Davis. The band was one of the first major jazz fusion groups, which achieved fame amongst both jazz and rock fans. The Mahavishnu Orchestra featured an interesting blend of musicians: Guitars, violin, synthesizers, bass and drums. Particularly unique is the violin which is rarely seen in jazz, and adds a very unique sound to the music. Don’t let the violin fool you, the music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra is very rock-oriented, heavy, and even somewhat dark. On the lighter side, the music is also funky and airy, with the kind of virtuosity that you would expect from a talented musician such as John McLaughlin. While the Mahavishnu Orchestra didn’t last for very long, the group did manage to put out several highly regarded albums such as “Birds of Fire” and “The Inner Mounting Flame”. Hearing Mahavishnu Orchestra on vinyl is a great experience. The sound is warmer, and you’ll be surprised at how great the sysnthesizers sound. Have a look at these albums, and get your fill of 1970’s jazz fusion at its best.

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