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    1958 Miles was one of the greatest albums ever made by an American Jazz musician by the name of Miles Davis. It was released by Columbia Records in the year 1958. The session for this album is what influenced greatly Miles Davis to convert from the bebop style of jazz to the modal style of jazz. The album was released just when most of the other Jazz musicians were feeling disappointed about the bebop style of music, claiming that it greatly hindered their music creativity because of the complex chords. The album represented a major milestone from the bebop to the modal style of jazz, since it was received very well by people.

    1958 Miles Track Listing

    Side One

    1. “On Green Dolphin Street” (Kaper, Washington) – 9:48
    2. “Fran Dance” (Davis) – 5:48
    3. “Stella by Starlight” (Young, Washington) – 4:41
    4. “Love for Sale” (Porter) – 11:43

    Side Two

    1. “Straight, No Chaser” (Monk) – 10:57
    2. “My Funny Valentine” (Rodgers, Hart) – 10:05
    3. “Oleo” (Rollins) – 10:48
    4. “Little Melonae” (McLean) – 7:22

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