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    Amandla is a popular album that was written by a jazz musician Miles Davis. It was released in the year 1989 and it is the third album that both Miles Davis and producer and bassist Marcus Miller have worked together on. It also turned out to be the last collaboration between the two after the album Tutu in 1986 and the album Music from Siesta in 1987. The album itself is a mix of different elements from different genres. With a combination of Zouk, Go-Go, swing jazz and funk, they also combined electronic instruments with live musicians as well. The song “Mr. Pastorius” that features in the album is a tribute to the bass player Jaco Pastorius who died.

    Amandla Track Listing

    All tracks composed by Marcus Miller; except where indicated

    1. “Catembe” – 5:35
    2. “Cobra” (George Duke) – 5:15
    3. “Big Time” – 5:40
    4. “Hannibal” – 5:49
    5. “Jo-Jo” – 4:51
    6. “Amandla” – 5:20
    7. “Jilli” (John Bigham) – 5:05
    8. “Mr. Pastorius” – 5:41
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