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    Conception was released on October 5, 1951. The original record was reissued on July 1, 1991. Though Miles Davis is given top billing for this album, he is not heard during the entire album. In some of the songs, he is only given solo numbers occasionally. The artists heard more prominently would be Lee Konitz, Stan Getz and Gerry Mulligan. Among the three, Konitz was the one who gave notable performances. His songs added more color to the already colorful jazz music. The combinations played bring jazz music up a notch. The collaboration between Miles Davis and the other artists make this underrated album a must hear.

    Conception Track Listing:

    1. Odjenar
    2. Hi Beck
    3. Yesterdays
    4. Ezz-Thetic
    5. Indian Summer
    6. Duet for Saxophone and Guitar
    7. Conception
    8. My Old Flame
    9. Intoit
    10. Prezervation
    11. I May Be Wrong But I Think You’re Wonderful (by Chubby Jackson Big Band)
    12. So what (by Chubby Jackson Big Band)

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