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    Decoy is an album that was released by the jazz musician Miles Davis. The album itself was originally recorded between the months of June and September 1983. Recordings took place at three different studios including the A&R Studio in New York, The Theatre Studio in Denis, Montreal and also the record Plant studio in New York. The album was originally released on LP in 1984 under the Columbia records label and was released on CD in United States on October 25, 1990. The album was produced by Miles himself and also Bob Beldon and also featured two live recordings of songs.

    Decoy Track Listing

    1 Decoy 8:33
    2 Robot 415 1:09
    3 Code M.D. 5:58
    4 Freaky Deaky 4:34
    5 What It Is 4:31
    6 That’s Right 11:12
    7 That’s What Happened 3:30

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