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    Miles Smiles is a studio album by jazz legend Miles Davis. The album was recorded in October 1966 and released in 1967 for Columbia Records. The album is remarkable in a number of ways, including the fact that on three tracks in the album (“Orbits”, “Dolores”, and “Gingerbread Boy”), pianist Herbie Hancock plays only right hand lines. Unusually for the Davis group, this album also includes two tracks not composed by any member of the band. Drummer Tony Williams shines in this album with his poly rhythmic approach on tracks like “Footprints”. Other highlights of the record are “Dolores” and “Gingerbread Boy”, which would go on to become staples in Davis’ live sets for a number of years.

    Miles Smiles Track Listing

    1. “Orbits” (Wayne Shorter)
    2. “Circle” (Miles Davis)
    3. “Footprints” (Shorter)
    4. “Dolores” (Shorter)
    5. “Freedom Jazz Dance” (Eddie Harris)
    6. “Gingerbread Boy” (Jimmy Heath)

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