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    Someday My Prince Will Come is a studio album by jazz legend Miles Davis. It was recorded in New York City in March 1961 and released for Columbia Records. The album received great critical acclaim, with reviewerís impressed by Davis’ precision performance and elaborate lyricism. This record also marks the last time Davis would record with fellow jazz great John Coltrane and drummer Philly Joe Jones. The notable tracks on this record include the two pieces with Coltrane– “Someday” and “Teo”, whose improvisations anticipate the musical style of much later Davis records. The only track recorded with Philly Joe Jones is also a standout.

    Someday My Prince Will Come Track Listing

    1. “Someday My Prince Will Come” (Frank Churchill and Larry Morey) – 9:04
    2. “Old Folks” (Willard Robison and Dedette Lee Hill) – 5:14
    3. “Pfrancing” – 8:31
    4. “Drad-Dog” – 4:29
    5. “Teo” – 9:34 (in reference to Teo Macero)
    6. “I Thought About You” (Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Mercer) – 4:53

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