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    The six-song Man with the Horn album by Miles Davis was released in 1981.The recording was Davis’ first new release since 1974, as he had retired from the music business for six years. The album is rock-oriented, and also features pop with improvisational funk and fusion. This release saw Davis’ return to his more traditional trumpet playing. However, the title track “The Man with the Horn” also features vocals. The recordings featured Al Foster on drums, Mike Stern on guitar, and Bill Evans on soprano saxophone. The album was originally released on the Columbia record label and produced by Teo Macero.

    The Man with the Horn Catalog Number:

    Columbia PC 36790

    The Man with the Horn Track Listing

    1. Fat Time (9:53)
    2. Back Seat Betty (11:15)
    3. Shout (5:52)
    4. Aida (8:10)
    5. The Man with the Horn (6:32)
    6. Ursula (10:50)

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