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    Walkin’ is an album recorded in 1954 by the Miles Davis All-Stars, for Prestige Records. The album was recorded in two sessions, the first of which was a quintet with David Schildkraut on saxophone. The other session was a sextet with Lucky Thompson on tenor saxophone and J. J. Johnson on trombone. Both the sessions used the same rhythm section. The original release included the track “I’ll Remember April”, which was replaced in the subsequent releases by “Love Me or Leave Me”. The album also contains the classic title track, which was one of the staples of Davis’ live sets for a number of years.

    Walkin’ Track listing:

    1.     “Walkin'” – 13:24
    2.     “Blue ‘n’ Boogie” – 8:15
    3.     “Solar” – 4:41
    4.     “You Don’t Know What Love Is” – 4:20
    5.     “Love Me or Leave Me” – 6:54

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