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    Nat King Cole was a pianist and vocalist, most famous for his hit “Unforgettable”. Of course, his legacy goes much further than a single hit: Widely considered one of the greatest popular and jazz musicians of the 20th century, as well as one of the early influences on rock and roll music, Nat King Cole was also a popular television personality, with his short-lived “Nat King Cole Show”. Due to the ubiquitous racism of the time, the show never received national sponsorship, and was canceled due to financial reasons. Nat King Cole crusaded against racism for his entire life and even consulted with John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson on issues of racism and segregation. While being a prolific performer, Nat King Cole traveled the world, constantly wrote and recorded music, and was loved for his talent and personality everywhere he went. Hearing Nat King Cole on vinyl is the only way to enjoy his mellow, smooth voice and warm personality.

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