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    The first recording sessions of Thelonious Monk done during the late 40s can be found in this album. These recordings were done when he first became the lead man of a group. The distinct tone of Monk’s music can be heard throughout the entire album. Released on October 15, 1947, this album was released under the record label, Blue Note records. Marvel at the steady flow of the melody and remain in awe at the wonder of their talent. Be enthralled by the wonderful sounds. Revel in the sweet music and reminisce about past memories. Being a genius, Monk will definitely capture both your heart and soul. Definitely a must hear!

    Genius of Modern Music Volume 1 Track Listing:

    1. Humph
    2. Evonce
    3. Suburban Eyes
    4. Thelonious
    5. Evonce (alternate take)
    6. Suburban Eyes (Alternate take)
    7. Nice Work if you can get it
    8. Ruby my dear
    9. Well you needn’t
    10. April in Paris
    11. Off Minor
    12. Introspection
    13. Nice work if you can get it (alternate take)
    14. Ruby my dear (alternate take)
    15. Well you needn’t (alternate take)
    16. April in Paris (alternate take)
    17. In Walked Bud (alternate take)
    18. Monk’s Mood
    19. Who Knows?
    20. Round midnight
    21. Who Knows (alternate take)

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