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    Solo Monk is a live album by the great jazz musician Thelonious Monk. It was recorded in 1964-65 and released for Columbia Records. As the title suggests, the album is composed entirely of Monk’s solo piano work. The sound of Thelonious Monk as a solo pianist is unique and memorable– his style, which is singular in its use of rhythm and space, acquires a delicate feel to it when experienced in isolation. The album contains the customary mix of Monk originals and standards– Monk’s stride influences shine through a number of the standards, with great takes of “Dinah” and “I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You)”. These are contrasted well by “I Surrender, Dear” or the unusually fractured “I Should Care”. It also includes two tracks never recorded before– “North of the Sunset” and “Monk’s Point”.

    Solo Monk Track Listing

    1. “Dinah” [take 2] (Akst, Lewis, Young) – 2:27
    2. “I Surrender, Dear” (Barris, Clifford) – 3:43
    3. “Sweet And Lovely” [take 2] (Arnheim, LeMare, Tobias) – 3:58
    4. “North Of The Sunset” – 1:50
    5. “Ruby, My Dear” [take 3] – 5:35
    6. “(I’m) Confessin’ (That I Love You)” (Daugherty, Neiburg, Reynolds) – 2:36
    7. “I Hadn’t Anyone Till You” (Noble) – 3:17
    8. “Everything Happens to Me” [take 3] (Adair, Dennis) – 3:25
    9. “Monk’s Point” – 2:11
    10. “I Should Care” (Cahn, Stordahl, Weston) – 1:56
    11. “Ask Me Now” [take 2] – 4:35
    12. “These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)” (Link, Marvell, Strachey) – 3:32
    13. “Introspection” – 2:14 Bonus track on CD
    14. “Darn That Dream” (DeLange, Van Heusen) – 3:41 Bonus track on CD
    15. “Dinah” (Akst, Lewis, Young) – 2:25 Bonus track on CD
    16. “Sweet and Lovely” (Arnheim, LeMare, Tobias) – 3:18 Bonus track on CD
    17. “Ruby, My Dear” – 4:48 Bonus track on CD
    18. “I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You)” (Daugherty, Neiburg, Reynolds) – 2:44 Bonus track on CD
    19. “I Hadn’t Told Anyone Till You” (Noble) – 3:21 Bonus track on CD
    20. “Everything Happens to Me” (Adair, Dennis) – 5:20 Bonus track on CD
    21. “Ask Me Now” – 3:43 Bonus track on CD

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