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    Super Fly is one of the classic 1970’s blaxploitation movies. Upon release, the movie wasn’t very successful, although it has since obtained cult classic status. The soundtrack, however, is a completely different story. The soundtrack, written, composed, and performed by Curtis Mayfield, outsold the movie, and has earned a place as one of the most important funk/soul albums ever released. With its socially conscious, black empowerment message, plus innovative style, the Super Fly soundtrack has heavily influenced the sound of African American music ever since it was released. Hits such as “Freddie’s Dead”, “Pusherman”, and “Superfly” have all been played, replayed, covered, sampled, and have earned their place in the history of music from the 20th century. Get it on vinyl for the ultimate experience!

    Superfly Track Listing:

    Side one

    1.     “Little Child Runnin’ Wild”       (5:23)
    2.     “Pusherman”       (5:04)
    3.     “Freddie’s Dead”       (5:27)
    4.     “Junkie Chase” (instrumental)     (1:36)
    Side two

    1.     “Give Me Your Love (Love Song)”       (4:14)
    2.     “Eddie You Should Know Better”       (2:16)
    3.     “No Thing on Me (Cocaine Song)”       (4:53)
    4.     “Think” (instrumental)     (3:43)
    5.     “Superfly”       (3:55)

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