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    11-17-70 is Elton John’s first live album and according to him, his best live performance. One of four Elton John albums released in 1971, the recording was taken from a live New York City radio broadcast on November 17, 1970 (hence the title, which is 17-11-70 elsewhere), and had only John, drummer Nigel Olsson, and bassist Dee Murray in the studio. Containing six of the 13 songs performed during the radio show, 11-17-70 is a fan’s dream in its mix of album tracks (“Take Me to the Pilot,” “Sixty Years On”), B-sides (“Bad Side of the Moon”), rarities (“Can I Put You On” from John’s 1971 Friends soundtrack), and covers (the Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women”). The final song is actually a three-part medley comprised of the Tumbleweed Connection track “Burn Down the Mission,” a cover of Arthur Crudup’s “My Baby Left Me,” and a cover of the Beatles’ “Get Back.” This record is a great snapshot of John pre-super stardom: energetic and driven as hell.

    11-17-70 Catalog Number: Uni 93105

    11-17-70 Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Take Me to the Pilot – 6:43

    2. Honky Tonk Women – 4:09

    3. Sixty Years On – 8:05

    4. Can I Put You On – 6:38

    Side Two

    1. Bad Side of the Moon – 4:30

    2. Burn Down the Mission – 18:05

    a) My Baby Left Me

    b) Get Back

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