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    Released in 2004, Peachtree Road is Elton John’s 28th studio album and first entirely self-produced record. It takes its name from a road in Atlanta where John has a home, and is full of Southern flavor with its gospel, soul, and country flourishes. Reminiscent of John’s early-’70s singer-songwriter period, when the focus was on the songs not the hits, the album is fittingly dedicated to the memory of Gus Dudgeon, the producer behind classics like Tumbleweed Connection and Honky Cat. Predominantly comprised of ballads, Peachtree Road is a reflective album with a laid back and content nature. The bluesy “They Call Her the Cat” stands out as the rocker. In addition to John’s stalwart sidemen Davey Johnstone (guitar) and Nigel Olsson (drums), the album features renowned gospel vocalist Adam McKnight, as well as the band Chicago’s horn section and a full choir. A worthy addition to Elton John’s late-career renaissance. NOTE: Peachtree Road did not appear on vinyl until 2005 when it was released in the UK as a limited-edition double LP with bonus tracks and an alternate cover (featured here).

    Peachtree Road Catalog Number: Rocket 9872301

    Peachtree Road Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Weight of the World – 3:58

    2. Porch Swing in Tupelo – 4:38

    3. Answer in the Sky – 5:58

    4. Turn the Lights Out When You Leave – 5:02

    Side Two

    1. My Elusive Drug – 4:57

    2. They Call Her the Cat – 4:27

    3. Freaks in Love – 4:21

    4. All That I’m Allowed (I’m Thankful) – 5:20

    Side Three

    1. I Stop and I Breathe – 3:39

    2. Too Many Tears – 3:19

    3. It’s Getting Dark in Here – 3:56

    4. I Can’t Keep This from You – 3:54

    Side Four (Bonus Tracks)

    1. The Letter – 2:33

    2. Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher – 3:38

    3. Electricity – 3:29

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