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    Continuing where 21 at 33 left off, The Fox (1981) finds Elton John collaborating with a rotating group of lyricists including Bernie Taupin, Gary Osborne, and Tom Robinson. In fact, nearly half of the album’s tracks were recorded during the 21 at 33 sessions in 1979. One of these, the Robinson-penned “Elton’s Song,” proved to be the most controversial of John’s career and was banned by radio stations because of its references to homosexuality. Keys play a more prominent role on the album (“Breaking Down Barriers,” “Just Like Belgium”), but it’s the impeccably arranged instrumental “Carla/Etude” where John really shines. The song features him on piano backed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Other standouts include the rocker “Fascist Faces,” the haunting ballad “Chloe,” and single “Nobody Wins,”  an electro-pop adaptation of the French hit “Tendresse” featuring Osborne’s lyrics. While The Fox only reached number 21 on the American charts at the time of its release, the album has become somewhat of a fan favorite over time.

    The Fox Catalog Number: Geffen GHS 2002

    The Fox Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Breaking Down Barriers – 4:42

    2. Heart in the Right Place – 5:22

    3. Just Like Belgium – 4:10

    4. Nobody Wins – 3:42

    5. Fascist Faces – 5:14

    Side Two

    1. Carla/Etude – 4:45

    2. Fanfare – 1:26

    3. Chloe – 4:42

    4. Heels of the Wind – 3:37

    5. Elton’s Song – 3:02

    6. The Fox – 5:12

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