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    Released in 1992, The One is significant in that it was the first album Elton John recorded after his rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol. It was also John’s biggest selling album in the US since 1975’s Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. There’s a marked maturity in the songcraft and more conviction in John’s delivery. John has stated that he felt a connection to the album’s title track, a US Top-10 hit, due to the recent events in his life. Another hit single, “Simple Life” seems to resonate as well. “Runaway Train” finds John rocking out with Eric Clapton, while Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour plays guitar on “Understanding Women.” In addition to kicking his addictions, John was mourning the loss of Freddie Mercury, Ryan White, and Vance Buck to AIDS. Originally titled “Song for 1992,” “The Last Song” was written in White’s memory, and the album itself dedicated to Buck, both close friends of John’s. Note: The One was only released on CD in the US, so vinyl is import only.

    The One Catalog Number: Rocket 512 360-1

    The One Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Simple Life – 6:25

    2. The One – 5:53

    3. Sweat It Out – 6:38

    4. Runaway Train – 5:23

    5. Whitewash County – 5:30

    Side Two

    1. The North – 5:15

    2. When a Woman Doesn’t Want You – 4:56

    3. Emily – 4:58

    4. On Dark Street – 4:43

    5. Understanding Women – 5:03

    6. The Last Song – 3:21

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