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    Founded by Michael Hutchence (vocals), Kirk Pengilly (guitar/sax), Garry Gary Beers (bass), and brothers Andrew Farriss (keyboards/guitar), Tim Farriss (lead guitar), and Jon Farriss (drums), INXS got its start in the Australian pub circuit of the late 1970s. Though they had a new wave hit in 1983 with “Don’t Change” from their Shabooh Shoobah album, it was INXS’ Stonesy pop-funk style that ultimately made them international superstars. Ironically, the band’s label feared this sound would never get played on the radio and actually offered INXS one million dollars to re-do its 1987 album Kick. Fortunately they did not and Kick became INXS’ best-selling album to date, featuring the hits “Need You Tonight,” “New Sensation,” “Never Tear Us Apart,” and “Devil Inside.” After Hutchence’s untimely death in 1997, the remaining members have continued to record and tour with different vocalists, but nothing can replace his distinctive purr or the sleek riffs, dance beats, and horn-fueled R&B of classic INXS on vinyl.
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