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    Bare Trees (1972) starts to carve out Fleetwood Mac’s post-blues soft-rock sound. This was Danny Kirwan’s last album with the band, and he goes out on a strong note contributing highlights like the somber “Dust,” which features a moving reading of the Rupert Brooke poem, and the stunning instrumental “Sunny Side of Heaven.” Bob Welch contributes a career highlight as well with “Sentimental Lady.” Though Welch would go on to re-record the song for his 1977 solo album, this version is widely considered to be far superior. Christine McVie’s pop sensibility is also on full display here with “Spare Me a Little of Your Love,” as are her vocals and keys on the more rocking “Homeward Bound.” In addition to its memorable melodies and haunting moods, Bare Trees begins to incorporate more atmospheric arrangements, predicting the production choices that would lead to Fleetwood Mac’s most successful period. The album concludes with “Thoughts of a Grey Day” featuring poetry read by an elderly English woman named Mrs. Scarrott.

    Bare Trees Catalog Number: Reprise MS 2080

    Bare Trees Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Child of Mine – 5:09

    2. The Ghost – 3:58

    3. Homeward Bound – 3:20

    4. Sunny Side of Heaven – 3:10

    Side Two

    1. Bare Trees – 5:02

    2. Sentimental Lady – 4:35

    3. Danny’s Chant – 3:16

    4. Spare Me a Little of Your Love – 3:44

    5. Dust – 2:41

    6. Thoughts of a Grey Day – 2:03

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