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    Though the band takes its name from its rhythm section, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood, the first incarnation of Fleetwood Mac was appropriately named Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac after its founder, guitarist, and songwriter. A blues guitar legend, Green famously replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers band – then left to form his own group, taking Fleetwood with him and eventually luring McVie along too by naming the new band after him. A straight blues record, Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled debut features a mix of Robert Johnson, Elmore James, and Howlin’ Wolf covers, as well as originals by Green and slide guitarist Jeremy Spencer. It fit right in with the late ’60s British blues explosion and, even without a hit single, reached number four on the UK charts. While bearing no resemblance to the soft-rock sound that Fleetwood Mac is best known for, this is one solid blues album, raw and full of bottleneck solos. “I Loved Another Woman,” featuring a standout Green solo, could be considered a precursor to the band’s upcoming hit “Black Magic Woman.”

    Fleetwood Mac 1968 Catalog Number: Epic BN 26402

    Fleetwood Mac 1968 Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. My Heart Beat Like a Hammer – 2:56

    2. Merry Go Round – 4:05

    3. Long Grey Mare – 2:13

    4. Hellhound on My Trail – 1:57

    5. Shake Your Moneymaker – 2:53

    6. Looking for Somebody – 2:50

    Side Two

    1. No Place to Go – 3:19

    2. My Baby’s Good to Me – 2:44

    3. I Loved Another Woman – 2:58

    4. Cold Black Night – 3:15

    5. The World Keep on Turning – 2:27

    6. Got to Move – 3:21

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