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    Following a five-year hiatus during which Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, and Lindsey Buckingham achieved solo success, Nicks went to rehab, John McVie had a drug-related seizure, and Mick Fleetwood filed for bankruptcy, Fleetwood Mac miraculously reconvened to make their best-selling release after Rumours. Beginning as a Buckingham solo album, Tango in the Night (1987) features C. McVie’s hit singles “Little Lies” and “Everywhere,” as well as Nicks’ “Seven Wonders” and Buckingham’s “Big Love.” It’s a considerably ’80s sounding album in its use of synthesizers, but Buckingham’s excellent production gives it a Mac edge. That said, many see this as Christine’s album. Aside from her two mega-hits, she collaborated with Buckingham on the album’s rocker “Isn’t It Midnight,” as well as on “You and I, Part II” and “Mystified.” Unfortunately, this would be the last album to feature Fleetwood Mac’s winning Rumours-era lineup, as Buckingham quit soon after its release.

    Tango in the Night Catalog Number: Warner Bros. 9 25471-1

    Tango in the Night Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Big Love – 3:37

    2. Seven Wonders – 3:38

    3. Everywhere – 3:41

    4. Caroline – 3:50

    5. Tango in the Night – 3:56

    6. Mystified – 3:06

    Side Two

    1. Little Lies – 3:38

    2. Family Man – 4:01

    3. Welcome to the Room…Sara – 3:37

    4. Isn’t It Midnight – 4:06

    5. When I See You Again – 3:47

    6. You and I, Pt. 2 – 2:40

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