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    Considered Fleetwood Mac's transitional album, Then Play On (1969) was the last studio album to feature founder/guitarist Peter Green. Tensions between Green and slide guitarist Jeremy Spencer were high and resulted in Spencer sitting this album out. Perhaps as a result, Green is at his artistic peak here. Though there is still a blues element to the album ("Underway," "Like Crying," "Show-Biz Blues"), Spencer's slide guitar and Elmore James-inspired songs are replaced with the more rock-oriented mark of the young Danny Kirwan. "Although the Sun Is Shining," for instance, predicts the band's future soft-rock phase and, ultimately, Rumours. Then Play On is a diverse and adventurous album, incorporating wall-of-sound guitars ("Rattlesnake Shake"), instrumental jams with surprise symphonic segments ("Searching for Madge" and "Fighting for Madge"), and Afro-Cuban rhythms ("Coming Your Way"). It's also full of energy and compelling guitar work. Note: there are two different versions of this LP; this track listing reflects the original US version.

    Then Play On Catalog Number: Reprise RS 6368

    Then Play On Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Coming Your Way - 3:47

    2. Closing My Eyes - 4:55

    3. Fighting for Madge - 2:49

    4. When You Say - 4:32

    5. Show-Biz Blues - 3:55

    6. Underway - 2:54

    Side Two

    1. Although the Sun Is Shining - 2:26

    2. Rattlesnake Shake - 3:31

    3. Searching for Madge - 6:58

    4. My Dream - 3:34

    5. Like Crying - 2:24

    6. Before the Beginning - 3:26

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