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    Released in 1980, “The River” was the first double album released by Springsteen.  Many of the songs were written already for previous albums and had already been featured on his tour and had received great acclaim.  Other songs were written in response to the late 1970’s recession that America was facing and the hard times that so many of his family and friends were facing.  Talking about marriage and lost jobs, Bruce Springsteen wanted to capture darker themes to follow up his previous album.  With songs such as the title song “The River,” “Ties That Bind” and “Hungry Heart” the rock and roll was decidedly harder with an edge to it that he desperately wanted to record.  “Hungry Heart” was the first single to hit the top 10 and the album itself reached #1 on the US Pop Charts.  Ranked #250 on the Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time, “The River” shows what Springsteen had to offer both with pop and rock.

    The River Catalog Number:  Columbia 36854

    The River Track Listing:

    Side one

    1.  “The Ties That Bind” (3:23)
    2.  “Sherry Darling” (4:03)
    3.  “Jackson Cage” (3:04)
    4.  “Two Hearts” (2:45)
    5.  “Independence Day” (4:50)

    Side Two

    1.  “Hungry Heart” (3:19)
    2.  “Out in the Street” (4:17)
    3.  “Crush on You” (3:10)
    4.  “You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)” (2:37)
    5.  “I Wanna Marry You” (3:30)
    6.  “The River” (5:01)

    Side Three

    1.  “Point Blank” (6:06)
    2.  “Cadillac Ranch” (3:03)
    3.  “I’m a Rocker” (3:36)
    4.  “Fade Away” (4:46)
    5.  “Stolen Car” (3:54)

    Side Four

    1.  “Ramrod” (4:05)
    2.  “The Price You Pay” (5:29)
    3.  “Drive All Night” (8:33)
    4.  “Wreck on the Highway” (3:54)

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