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    Following on the heels of his world wide hit album “Born in the U.S.A.” much was expected of his next album “Tunnel of Love” which was released in 1987.  Parting ways with the E Street Band who were only used sparingly during the recording, this album was predominately about love gone wrong, particularly in his own marriage at the time.  Complete with heart wrenching songs such as “Brilliant Disguise” this album talks about struggles and downfalls of a marriage ending.  Again, the album received critical acclaim and was a commercial success by all accounts even though none of the songs reached #1 on the charts.  Personal and private, this album was incredible and showed the variety of sides to Springsteen making it one of the favorites by his fans all around the world.

    Tunnel of Love Catalog Number:  Columbia 40999

    Tunnel of Love Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. “Ain’t Got You” (2:11)
    2. “Tougher Than the Rest” (4:35)
    3. “All That Heaven Will Allow” (2:39)
    4. “Spare Parts” (3:44)
    5. “Cautious Man” (3:58)
    6. “Walk Like a Man” (3:45)

    Side Two

    1. “Tunnel of Love” (5:12)
    2. “Two Faces” (3:03)
    3. “Brilliant Disguise” (4:17)
    4. “One Step Up” (4:22)
    5. “When You’re Alone” (3:24)
    6. “Valentine’s Day” (5:10)

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