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    Leaving his hard rock band Tin Machine behind, David Bowie once again decided to go solo with his first solo album in the 1990’s “Black Tie White Noise.”  Inspired by his wedding to supermodel Iman, this album also spoke of the rioting in Los Angeles which can be heard in the title track.  It was this album that Bowie also let out a little personal information in the song “Jump They Say” which is a tribute to his half brother Terry who committed suicide in the 80’s.  Critics thought this album was the best they had ever heard from Bowie, even better than his commercial success “Let’s Dance.”  Reaching the #1 spot in the UK with songs such as “Miracle Goodnight” Bowie reinvented himself in the modern era of rock.

    Black Tie White Noise Catalog Number:  Arista 166226

    Black Tie White Noise Track Listing:

    1. “The Wedding” (5:04)
    2. “You’ve Been Around” (4:45)
    3. “I Feel Free” (4:52)
    4. “Black Tie White Noise” (featuring Al B. Sure!) (4:52)
    5. “Jump They Say” (4:22)
    6. “Nite Flights” (4:30)
    7. “Pallas Athena” (4:40)
    8. “Miracle Goodnight” (4:14)
    9. “Don’t Let Me Down & Down” (4:55)
    10. “Looking for Lester” (5:36)
    11. “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday” (4:14)
    12. “The Wedding Song” (4:29)

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