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    “David Bowie,” the self titled album was Bowie’s debut album released in 1967.  With a very different sound than what Bowie is known for today, the album was decidedly more British and theatrical to say the least.  At the time Bowie was influenced by whimsical tunes and vowed to not only be a rocker but an all around entertainer.  David Bowie himself even admitted that for a first album it was a bit all over the place.  But with all big name artists he was just finding himself which is really what this album is about.  Worth listening to just based on the fact that you do see a completely different side to Bowie, it was written entirely by Bowie.  Songs like “Rubber Band” and “Love You Till Tuesday” show maturity considering the age and experience of Bowie.  Making for a great conversation piece, “David Bowie” was a great starting album for a man who would become quite the household name.

    David Bowie Catalog Number:  Deram 53907

    David Bowie Track Listing:

    1. “Uncle Arthur” (2:07)
    2. “Sell Me a Coat” (2:58)
    3. “Rubber Band” (2:17)
    4. “Love You Till Tuesday” (3:09)
    5. “There Is a Happy Land” (3:11)
    6. “We Are Hungry Men” (2:58)
    7. “When I Live My Dream” (3:22)
    8. “Little Bombardier” (3:24)
    9. “Silly Boy Blue” (4:36)
    10. “Come and Buy My Toys” (2:07)
    11. “Join the Gang” (2:17)
    12. “She’s Got Medals” (2:23)
    13. “Maid of Bond Street” (1:43)
    14. “Please Mr. Gravedigger” (2:35)

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