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    “Changes,” one of the hit singles from album “Hunky Dory” was an apt title depicting David Bowie’s 4th studio album released in 1971.  Completing his self discovery as an artist, Bowie put his finishing touches so to speak on his final changes of how he wanted his music to sound, and Hunky Dory in particular was an album that gave a true representation of Bowie’s style.  With a combination of rock, cinematic themes, and lighter pop music, this album even included odes to people who influenced him such as the “Song for Bob Dylan.”  Inventive and brilliant, “Hunky Dory” was ranked #107 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.  Even Bowie has made reference to it being the most important album in his career, stating that it gave him the groundbreaking music that he was searching for and that he finally found his feet in the music world.

    Hunky Dory catalog number:  RCA APL2-0771

    Hunky Dory Track Listing:

    1. “Changes” (3:37)
    2. “Oh! You Pretty Things” (3:12)
    3. “Eight Line Poem” (2:55)
    4. “Life on Mars?” (3:53)
    5. “Kooks” (2:53)
    6. “Quicksand” (5:08)
    7. “Fill Your Heart” (3:07)
    8. “Andy Warhol” (3:56)
    9. “Song for Bob Dylan” (4:12)
    10. “Queen Bitch” (3:19)
    11. “The Bewlay Brothers” (5:17)

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