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    David Bowie was already hugely popular in the UK by the 1980’s, but in 1983 Bowie hit a new level of fame and popularity with is album “Let’s Dance.”  Disco had come and gone, glam rock also saw it’s fate falter, but with “Let’s Dance” Bowie managed to bring it all back and more.  With the title track becoming one of his biggest hit singles ever, Bowie also had hit singles with “Modern Love” and “China Girl” both of which reached #2 in the UK market.  Interesting to note, “Let’s Dance” the single was also a stepping stone for Stevie Ray Vaughan who played guitar for that song.  Although later Bowie would say that it was too commercial for the sound he wanted at the time, his fans would agree that it was an all around great album which only went to further his status of rock icon.

    Let’s Dance Catalog Number:  EMI ST.17093

    Let’s Dance Track Listing:

    Side one

    1. “Modern Love” (4:46)
    2. “China Girl” (5:32)
    3. “Let’s Dance” (7:38)
    4. “Without You” (3:08)

    Side two

    1. “Ricochet” (5:14)
    2. “Criminal World” (4:25)
    3. “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)” (5:09)
    4. “Shake It” (3:49)

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