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    Released in 1977, “Low” was a widely anticipated album.  First in the “Berlin Trilogy” which was a set of collaborations with Brian Eno, Bowie tried out a new style of avant-garde music that you can hear through the next few albums he would release.  Described as hauntingly beautiful, Bowie was now off the drugs instead using his time to write lyrics that dealt with the difficult issues in his life such as depression and self destructive behavior.  Although critic reaction was divided, they all agreed the album was powerful and lyrically challenging which can be seen in songs such as “Speed of Life” and “Breaking Glass.”  Ranked #249 on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest albums of all time, this album speaks of a hard time for Bowie both in his personal life and his career.

    Low Catalog Number:  RCA PL12030

    Low Track Listing:

    1. “Speed of Life” (2:46)
    2. “Breaking Glass” (1:52)
    3. “What in the World” (2:23)
    4. “Sound and Vision” (3:05)
    5. “Always Crashing in the Same Car” (3:33)
    6. “Be My Wife” (2:58)
    7. “A New Career in a New Town” (2:53)
    8. “Warszawa” (6:23)
    9. “Art Decade” (3:46)
    10. “Weeping Wall” (3:28)
    11. “Subterraneans” (5:39)

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